Failure to meet just one criteria will lead to visa refusal

A potential migrant from Vietnam applied for a Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa but failed to simply apply for an Australian Federal Police check before making the visa application.

He therefore did not meet the criteria for the visa to be granted and the application was denied.

99% of unrepresented migrants do not know all visa criteria

When applying for any visa all criteria must be met – every single one of them. Failure to meet just one criteria (and 99% of unrepresented migrants will never know all of them) will almost always lead to refusal and failure.

Such a simple mistake as happened here could be easily avoided by contacting a Registered Migration Agent and seeking professional migration advice.

Case citation to look up online: 1408988 [2014] MRTA 2624 (6 November 2014)

How to avoid common and costly mistakes made by visa applicants

Attempting to apply for a visa on your own without professional assistance

  • Attempting to complete your own visa application instead of seeking professional advice from a Registered Migration Agent can seem very smart at the time. Do not be fooled! One small mistake can prevent you and your family from being able to migrate to and live in Australia permanently!
  • The costs of seeking advice from a Registered Migration Agent are tiny compared to the costs of making a small mistake without professional assistance

Over the next few cases studies we are going to share some recent cases from Australia’s Migration Review tribunal (MRT) and Federal Court (FC) – at the end of these samples you will find the case citation which you can look up online if you wish.