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Our Principal Lawyer is a Globally Acknowledged Immigration Expert

BBC World News sought out Attorney Rickard for his advice regarding the abolition of Australia’s 457 work visa in March 2018. Listen below.
For more information on this topic, read our 482 Changes article.

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We’ve Received Numerous Awards for Excellence in Our Field

Attorney Rickard Awarded for Excellence in Communication

Attorney Rickard has been awarded for his excellence in communication by the Blue Mountains Toastmasters organisation. Read the full post at the Blue Mountains Toastmasters Facebook page – Congratulations & well done to the 2019 Blue Mountains Toastmasters...

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Attorney Rickard has Succeeded in Difficult Circumstances

Once I spoke to Justin Rickard, I knew I had found the right Professional Agent that could give me some hope and chance in getting my father a visa to enter Australia.

Justin made it very clear that my father’s situation was very difficult and unique and the chances of obtaining a visa were slim. However Justin and his team worked thoroughly in a professional manner. He took our matter by heart, he went out of his way to win this case.

We waited four months for an answer from immigration, I felt the chances were over. I then got an email from Justin.

Visa for my father was granted and a longer stay was allowed.

I have no words to thank you Justin for all your hard work and dedication for  making my dream come true. We reunited with my father.

Don’t lose hope. Samantha

Case Studies Prove Dangers in Delaying Your Migration

Case Study #1

One of our English clients worked illegally (without telling us) breaching the terms of a temporary work visa which we had previously obtained for him. He was hoping to obtain enough work experience to use for a later permanent residence application. Then the Immigration Department (DIBP) changed the rules making it impossible to claim such work experience – so he had to wait about 3 years before he could obtain permanent residence another way. The client should have just obtained advice earlier before working illegally and the problem would never have occurred. Another migration strategy could have been found.

Case Study #2

An Irish client wanted to apply for migration with a sponsor in Sydney and while we were advising her to do this DIBP changed the rules on 8 September 2004 and didn’t add her occupation to the new list of occupations available to such visa applicants. If she’d used us earlier we could have easily obtained her permanent residence that way.

Case Study #3

An Asian client was a world chess champion & involved at the highest international levels in chess journalism, judging and officialdom. Yet she took time off to have children, which is normal for a woman. In applying for a distinguished talent visa, she risked losing her eligibility to apply at all. Being able to prove that she was still prominent in her sport as she came very close to the policy limit which requires that that an applicant claiming to possess a distinguished talent within a particular area, but who had not been active within that area for more than 2 years, would not be considered as being prominent within that area. If she had waited just one more month than she did she risked losing her entire application and over twenty years of her striving to be one of the best in the world at chess would have been wasted as far as her moving to Australia on that basis.

Case Study #4

An American client overstayed her visa by 30 days only – she relied on information given to her at an airport by an airline official about her visa expiry date. Then she came to Australia, fell in love with an Australian and did not get any advice about how they could stay together until after she had left Australia. When she came to us for help finally she found out that she faced a 3 year re-entry ban to Australia unless she could prove compassionate and compelling circumstances for her visa overstay. Too late once again for what could have been a far easier case had she sought advice earlier.

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Expert immigration lawyers and registered migration agents since 1998 with offices in Sydney, Regional NSW and Asia

Why Australian Immigration Lawyers?

Australian Immigration Lawyers have represented thousands of people in successful migration applications to the Australian Government since 1998.

  • Founder, Justin Rickard is one of Australia’s pre-eminent migration lawyers with 28 years of international legal experience.
  • Our international team is fluent in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, German and French.
  • We have offices in Sydney, regional NSW, Shanghai and Hong Kong and access to a global network of migration law firms.
  • With years of expertise enabling people from all over the world to immigrate to Australia, we develop a tailored strategy for your visa application based on your particular situation.
How We Can Help

Here at Australian Immigration Lawyers we are ready to assist you with all your visa and migration needs.

  • Spouse Visas, Prospective Marriage Visas
  • Family Visas; Child Permanent Visas, Adoption Migration, Aged Dependent Relative Visas
  • Student Visas
  • Skilled and Work Visas

We understand how to navigate Australia’s complex and ever-changing migration laws so you can you can achieve your dream of living and working in Australia, or reuniting your family here.

Attorney Rickard’s Blog

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Migration Seminars in Jakarta, Indonesia

Many thousands of people attended Mr Rickard’s migration seminars Attorney Justin Rickard ran a series of migration seminars in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1998 as the country was collapsing with the fall of the Suharto government. Many thousands of people attended Mr...

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Client References Attest to Attorney Rickard's Success

Australian Immigration Lawyers took care of everything

I felt after the initial consultation that whilst as a registered and qualified immigration agent you would doubtless be able to follow the process and make the necessary submissions,  I felt you more importantly had the “street smarts” to make things work when a case was not exactly a round peg round hole scenario. This was probably the most important factor, beyond simply taking the headache and stress away from me with my already full schedule. I am pretty sure I have been proven right about this! – Steve, China

Now I know why we spend months looking for you...

“Thank you so much Justin… Now I know why we spend months looking for you. And why I felt finding agent is like looking for boyfriend!” – J. Zhang, Specialist Entry Visa

Your submission to the Minister was excellent

Your submission to the Minister was excellent and we are trusting the right people take the time to read it and see the obvious injustice that has taken place. Thanks Justin keep doing all you are doing… – Diane, on behalf of an Iranian Refugee

Good quality is worth its weight in gold

I have found the conversation with you very useful…. it is as we discussed: good quality is worth its weight in gold. Thanks again for your support. – Margaretha, Skilled Migrant

We obtained a Bridging visa in 25% of the normal time

We obtained a Bridging visa B in 25% of the normal time and for double the length the client actually wanted and 5 days ahead of his desired departure date… – Bruno, Bridging Visa Sponsor

Done thoroughly with full confidence and peace of mind

Having a great migration agent and attorney like yourself meant I could without being physically present in the Australia get all that needed to be done thoroughly with full confidence and peace of mind. The Australian immigration process is a mine field and your guidance and assistance has been worth every penny. If I ever need more work done, you will definitely be on my speed dial. Thank you again for everything. Cheers. – Sanjeeta Mackrani, family migrant

We were very touched by your genuine effort and your integrity

First of all I would like to thank you for coming down all the way to meet us even though you no longer had the need to attend to your initial appointments. We were very touched by your genuine effort and your integrity in keeping your word. I have gone through the agreement and the other documents you presented to us in the file and needless to say we are more than happy with the services you yourself and your company have presented to us. I have the utmost confidence in your expertise and the way you work. – Randall and Chen, Spouse Visa

We always have trust in you

As from the first day you accepted to be our lawyer, we always have trust in you… Sincerely we thank you for your advice and caring… Once again thank you for your understanding and usual support. – Kathleen K, Mauritius

Thanking you again for the clear explanation

My whole family are very respectful to you for all support financially and legally provided to us… Thanking you again for the clear explanation below, you are really a great person. God bless you always. Warm regards – Linsay K, Mauritius

I was so amazed by your creative mind and persistence

… I was so amazed by your creative mind and persistence, we look forward to working with you. – Amy Zhu, China
About Australian Immigration Lawyers

Australian Immigration Lawyers have represented thousands of people in successful migration applications to the Australian Government since 1998. We devise successful visa strategies that work and look forward to discussing your case. Book a session today.