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Our Unique Guarantee To You

As Australian law very strictly prohibits migration agents guaranteeing the success of migration applications we offer an even better guarantee to our clients:

Our unique service guarantee: for pre-approved clients whose initial visa application is unsuccessful for any reason (apart from failing to act honestly or failing medical or police record requirements), we’ll carefully re-submit & process your second visa application until completion without any further professional fees then.

Over 28 years as an immigration lawyer we have always succeeded with every client with this service guarantee.

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Consultation Terms & Conditions

  1. No refunds for cancellations under any circumstances
  2. You (the visa applicant/s) must submit your resume or online professional profile and all immigration history (applications, refusals, cancellations, dates of visa overstays and relevant chronology of immigration events) for any country and paperwork including a copy of your current passport identification page and any Australian visa before consultation call
  3. Time taken to read any documents supplied is part of the consult time
  4. Fees must be paid to our account before consultation starts
  5. Advice is limited to what we know about you based on the information and instructions you supply before and during paid time of consultation
  6. No extra time is available unless paid for in advance as agreed between us
  7. There is no charge for the call if we advise we can not help you in any way whatsoever to gain legal entry and or migrate to Australia
  8. No liability to you for advice given following any untruthful, incomplete or fraudulent documentation/information/instructions supplied
  9. Consultations held at pre-arranged times in Sydney business hours – check time conversions at or similar website
  10. You call us we do not call you