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Our Unique Guarantee To You

Justin Rickard B.A LL.B M.A (Syd.) M.M.I.A (Quondam)

Solicitor # 11272 N.S.W, Australia has been a lawyer in NSW, Australia for over 35 years since 1986.

Justin Rickard was also one of Australia’s longest serving Registered Migration Agents, practising as such continuously from 1994 to 2021. For all that time it was a legal requirement for a lawyer to also be a Registered Migration Agent to practise migration law, however it is no longer required.

We offer a totally unique service guarantee to our clients.

If our client’s first migration application is unsuccessful for any non-medical, non-migration contract or Australian government public interest reason, we will carefully re-submit their second application without any further professional fees.

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Thank you for considering Australian Immigration Lawyers for your migration. For nearly three decades we have been known for our creative and successful solutions to immigration law’s most complex issues. We work very hard to identify the most likely to succeed and cost-efficient immigration solutions for each of our clients. We pride ourselves on caring for our clients as if they were family friends (in fact, many of our clients do become close personal friends). Most importantly, once you become a client, we are 100% committed to getting you your Australian visa, failure is not an option for us!

We focus solely on the practice of immigration law. Our firm, headed by Attorney Justin Rickard has provided trusted legal counsel and passionate advocacy to our clients from all walks of life and from every corner of the world for over 35 years. We have both the expertise, experience and resources to effectively manage your matter.



You can email in your own words a summary of your situation with your resume and or any immigration dept. correspondence to 24/7 so that we can determine the best initial strategy for your needs. Provide your name, e-mail, phone number and as much detail about your matter as possible. We will then contact you via e-mail to schedule your consultation.

Immigration Law is as broad as it is complex (especially with COVID 19), and our attorney specializes in employment and skills based immigration, business and investment visas, citizenship and family-based immigration.


Phone:  +61 416 212 021

WhatsApp: Justin Rickard

WeChat: justinrickard


While we are available to meet in person, in our Sydney, Australia office we prefer to meet via phone, Facetime, Skype or WhatsApp.


The goal of your initial consultation with out attorney is to gain a clear understanding of your current situation and future goals and for you to learn the best possible immigration strategies available to you.

Generally, our attorney will budget 30 to 75 minutes for the initial consultation. During this meeting, our attorney gathers, as efficiently as possible, all relevant information, ascertainsyour objectives, evaluates the legal and non-legal aspects of the situation, develops and analyzes possible strategies and tactics, discusses pros and cons, including cost, of each and proposes the solution they believe to be most advantageous to the client.

Many times the initial consultation is just the beginning of a longer, more substantial attorney-client relationship. Sometimes, however, the initial consultation may be all that is necessary. Often, however, both parties recognize the value of the client staying in touch with the attorney, either as events unfold or for further advice and guidance.


Your initial consultation fees: $245 for 30 minutes OR $A375 (300 USD for clients in America) for up to 75 minutes “virtual” consultations with attorneys and $595 for face to face meetings in Parramatta or $675 in Sydney payable before the consultation begins. Cash, PayPal and all major credit cards are accepted.

To continue the attorney-client relationship beyond the initial consultation, we enter into a representation agreement. The amount paid for the initial consultation will be credited in this agreement. The higher consultation fee also can include –

  1. Follow up phone, online or office meeting for up to 10 minutes within 5 business days to answer your further questions and or give further advice AND
  2. Emailed summary of our migration advice within 2 business days AND
  3. Brief email to Australian Immigration Dept., court or tribunal stating that we represent you and seeking an adjournment of any urgent deadline or briefly summarising your situation where necessary OR
  4. Up to 3 migration articles written by Justin Rickard, B.A LL.B M.A (Syd.) M.M.I.A (Quondam) Attorney relevant to your situation from our professional library resource vault.


Clients are expected to pay the firm for:

  1. Legal fees: Fees for the work performed by our attorneys and staff on your case and,
  2. Reimbursement of expenses

We offer a “Flat Fee” arrangement for our legal fees for most matters. With this arrangement, clients know up front what their legal fees will be and are free to communicate openly with their attorney without fear of incurring additional costs.


  1. Being prepared will save our time and help to reduce your costs – Before you speak with us, we ask you to send us a summary of your migration matter, including your resume or LinkedIn profile, any questions or ideas you may have and to collate any other documents to show or send us.
  2. You explain what is important to you as we get to know you and spend some brief time building rapport with you so we can better help you.
  3. You get clarity as we take your full and clear instructions about your migration matter – to represent your interests successfully we need information. We ask questions about your career, financial and family history and your migration goals and the reasons for your instructions. What is important to you? How do you understand the issues? It is important for us to know all details as soon as possible, so we are not surprised, especially if a court case or migration application deadline is involved. Facts which may not seem important to you may have very significant legal consequences.
  4. You get professional advice on you how you could achieve your migration goals – Our advice is based on over 35 years of legal experience and training including 30 years in migration. Sometimes the best course of action may be different to what you expected to hear, but as your professional advocate, we are obliged to have only your best legal interests at heart and act professionally.
  5. You understand as we explain what our advice involves including, fees, costs and processing times and explain our impartial and professional role and ensure you clearly understand what assistance we can and can’t provide including our potential role as your lawyer.
  6. We advise you on what more information or documentation you may need and tell you about our fees and other expenses before we start working for you. Migration law is very complex and everchanging (especially with COVID 19), with lots of unfamiliar words and processes. If you are confused or have any questions, you must ask us for an explanation immediately. This will minimise the likelihood of misunderstandings later on and increase your chances of success.

Consultation Terms & Conditions

  1. There is no consultation charge if we advise we can not help you in any way whatsoever to gain legal entry and or migrate to Australia, even temporarily
  2. You (the visa applicant/s) must submit your resume or online professional profile and all immigration history (applications, refusals, cancellations, dates of visa overstays and relevant chronology of immigration events) for any country and paperwork including a copy of your current passport identification page and any Australian visa before consultation call
  3. Time taken to read any documents supplied is part of the consult time
  4. Fees must be paid to our account before consultation starts
  5. Advice is limited to what we know about you based on the information and instructions you supply before and during paid time of consultation
  6. No extra time is available unless paid for in advance as agreed between us
  7. No liability to you for advice given following any untruthful, incomplete or fraudulent documentation/information/instructions supplied
  8. Consultations held at pre-arranged times in Sydney business hours – check time conversions at or similar website
  9. You call us we do not call you
  10. No refunds for cancellations under any circumstances