Types of Australian Visas

If you are looking to reunite your family, or are interested in working or investing in Australia, we can help find the right visa for you.

Business Migration & Investment Visas

The Australian government encourages business and investment migration with a range of opportunities for business professionals to open or expand their operations into the Australian market.

Temporary Work 457 Visa

The most common way for an employer to sponsor an employee to move to Australia to work for them. This visa includes three stages, sponsorship, nomination and visa application.

Employer Nominated Permanent Visa

The “ENS” or “Job Visa” is a permanent residency visa. It is applicable to migrant workers who have already entered on a 457 visa and have been working in Australia for a minimum period of 2 years.

General Skilled Migration

Australia accepts skilled migrants to assist with Australia’s current or future skill shortages. If you are a skilled overseas worker, you may be eligible for a skilled visa. Approved Australian employers or agencies can nominate or sponsor skilled workers. Points-tested independent skilled visas are also available.

Partner & Family Visas

There are several subclasses of visas allowing for the reunification of families in Australia; Spouse visa, prospective spouse visas, partner visas, child visas, adoption visas, parent visas, remaining relative visas and aged relative visas. In most cases, the applicant must be sponsored by a family member who has lived in Australia for at least 2 years.

Specialist Entry Visas

There are a small number of visas available for people in certain specialist professions who do not qualify for other work visas. You may be eligible for this visa if you have an internationally recognised record of exceptional and outstanding achievement in; a profession, a sport, the arts, or academia and research.

Protection, Refugee & Humanitarian Visas - on hold

Australia grants a small quota of protection, refugee and humanitarian visas to people subject to substantial discrimination amounting to a gross violation of human rights, or persecution in their homeland. Australian Immigration Lawyers are not currently assisting with applications for these visa types.

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482 Visas

457 visa removed – information to come on replacement 482 visa.

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Drastic Changes to 457 Visas Announced 18 April 2017

Update (20th April 2017) - Justin Rickard was interviewed by the BBC World News service in London regarding the changes to the 457 and Citizenship rules discussed in this article. Listen to the interview below.   The Australian Prime Minister made a shock announcement...

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