Employer Nominated Permanent Resident Visa

A permanent residency visa for skilled migrants who have been working in Australia for an approved sponsor for at least two years.

Permanent Resident Work Visa

The “ENS” or “job visa” allows skilled workers to apply for permanent residency, who have been working in Australia in their chosen profession on a temporary work 457 visa or similar for two years.

To apply for an employer nominated permanent resident work visa, you must be ‘sponsored’ by an approved Australian business. This means an Australian business who has hired you on temporary visa should nominate you for a permanent visa.

This visa is popular with the Australian government and is ideal if you already have an Australian job. There are, however, some idiosyncrasies with eligibility criteria, on which we advise you to seek our assistance.

To qualify for an employer nominated permanent visa, you must:

  • Have been nominated by an approved Australian employer
  • Be younger than 50 years of age, unless you are exempt
  • Meet the skills, qualifications and English language requirements, unless you are exempt
  • Apply under one of these 3 streams:
  1. The Temporary Residence Transition stream
  2. The Direct Entry stream
  3. The Agreement stream

Difficulties with permanent resident work visa applications

There are 3 components which must be aligned for the visa to be approved. These are:

  1. The company sponsoring you must be registered and able to sponsor workers
  2. The company must go through a nomination procedure to put forth your candidacy for the position
  3. You must then make the application for the visa once the first two tasks are complete

As with all visa applications Australian Immigration Lawyers will ensure you do not make the following mistakes when applying for your temporary work 457 visa:

  • Withholding vital evidence or providing false evidence
  • Not responding in time to Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) questions
  • Misunderstanding Australian immigration law or policy
  • Getting confused about the correct procedure or requirements
  • Applying for the wrong visa
  • Mistaking your eligibility for a particular visa

How long does it take to process a permanent resident work visa?

The visa can usually be processed very quickly if you can prove that there is an urgency. Approximately over 50,000 of these visas are granted at a time.

As visa processing times vary, it’s best to check the following Australian Government resource for an accurate estimated processing time.

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