Skilled Migration Visas for Australia

If you work in an occupation that is desirable to Australia, are under 50 years of age, and have competent written and verbal English, you may be eligible for a skills visa.

Skilled migration to Australia

Australia encourages migration to Australia by people who have skills that the country needs. The list of occupations changes regularly and you must be able to demonstrate that you have the desired skills through an assessment and a “points test”. For some visas under this general category, state sponsorship is also required.

The “points test” is where your qualifications and occupation are factored into your application. Your application will be awarded points for various different requirements, and the application will be refused if you do not score enough points. For example, some occupations are awarded more points than others. The details of the points test are not very easy to find on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website, and we advise you to seek help from us to ensure your application will be successful.

To be eligible for this visa, you must have:

Difficulties obtaining a points test visa

As with all visa applications Australian Immigration Lawyers will ensure you do not make the following mistakes when applying for your business visa:

  • Withholding vital evidence or providing false evidence
  • Not responding in time to Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) questions
  • Misunderstanding Australian immigration law or policy
  • Getting confused about the correct procedure or requirements
  • Applying for the wrong visa
  • Mistaking your eligibility for a particular visa

Requirements for the skilled migration visa application

To qualify for a partner or spouse visa for Australia, you must provide proof of being married or living de-facto for 12 months in a genuine and ongoing relationship. You will also need proof of your identity and health & good and character.

How long does it take to process a skilled migration visa?

As visa processing times vary, it’s best to check the following Australian Government resource for an accurate estimated processing time.

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