Significant Investor, Investment Visas and Business Innovation Migration to Australia

Australian business visas which cater to business owners, executives or investors who are interested in pursuing their business interests in Australia.

Business Innovation and investment migration to Australia

There are a number of business visas available for those seeking to migrate to Australia. These cater to business owners, executives or investors who are interested in pursuing their business interests in Australia. An Australian state or territory may also sponsor applications for visas in these categories.

Independent permanent business visas can be sought by those who have an established business in Australia, have purchased an Australian business or are looking to invest in a business. Significant Investor Visas and Business Talent Visas are also available.

Difficulties with business visa applications

There is a troubled history with business migration to Australia, with the government never getting the process quite right. It’s important to get help with your application as requirements are complex and the Australian government does not understand business and investment very well. Much accounting evidence is needed.

However, Australian Immigration Lawyers have an excellent track record of navigating the issues and ensuring that applications make it through and are awarded. Australian Immigration Lawyers also provides a unique opportunity for their clients by making introductions for applicants to excellent Australian investments.

As with all visa applications Australian Immigration Lawyers will ensure you do not make the following mistakes when applying for your business visa:

  • Withholding vital evidence or providing false evidence
  • Not responding in time to Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) questions
  • Misunderstanding Australian immigration law or policy
  • Getting confused about the correct procedure or requirements
  • Appyling for the wrong visa
  • Mistaking your eligibility for a particular visa

Australian business visa information requirements

Depending on the visa we decide is best suited to your situation, you will need to provide:

  • Company and personal accounts
  • Identity evidence
  • A good quality resume
  • Your business history
  • References of health & good character

How long does it take to process a business visa?

As visa processing times vary, it’s best to check the following Australian Government resource for an accurate estimated processing time.

About Australian Immigration Lawyers

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