What our clients say about Australian Immigration Lawyers

You have done a very, very good job and I personally don’t see what other thing we can add. Now we have to wait and keep on trusting God, let thy will be done.

We are so grateful to you and your colleagues who have helped you to prepare the submission. This morning while I was working sincerely my prayer was for you. I was thanking God for your good job and for having placed you in our way…

Again, thank you for everything. God bless you, your family and your colleagues.


Hairdresser, Mauritius

We chose Justin Rickard because of:

  1. his knowledge of immigration legislation,
  2. his passion to succeed for us, and
  3. his track record.

The main benefit he also gave us on the way to obtaining our Australian s/c 164 business owner visa was his continuing encouragement and support…

Phil and Trish Griffiths

Business owners, U.K.

I value your expertise in these matters, you were a great help to us preparing for my wife’s de-facto visa application …Thanks for your advice during our call [about my wife’s Japanese family coming to visit her in Australia]…”

Peter C.

Australian spouse of Japanese client, Feb 2012

Justin, You made my Christmas mate. Thank you once again for being there for me and my family… Cheers and a Very Merry Christmas to you and your Family. I will certain really have a good one now!


Business Visa, Fiji

Thank you for your time during the holiday to revise the agreement… Thank you again also for your time, efforts and all the compromises you have made (I was so amazed by your creative mind and persistence), we look forward to working with you!

Amy Zhu

Business Visa Applicant, Shanghai Dong Lv Overseas Affairs Service Co. Ltd

“My whole family are very respectful to you for all support financially and legally provided to us… Thanking you again for the clear explanation below, you are really a great person. God bless you always.

Linsay K.

Migrant, Mauritius

As from the first day you accepted to be our lawyer, we always have trust in you… Sincerely we thank you for your advice and caring… Once again thank you for your understanding and usual support.

Kathleen K.

Migrant, Mauritius

First of all I would like to thank you for coming down all the way to meet us even though you no longer had the need to attend to your initial appointments. We were very touched by your genuine effort and your integrity in keeping your word.

I have gone through the agreement and the other documents you presented to us in the file and needless to say we are more than happy with the services you yourself and your company have presented to us.

I have the utmost confidence in your expertise and the way you work.

Randall and Chen

Spouse Visa, Malaysia

Having a great migration agent and attorney like yourself meant I could without being physically present in the Australia get all that needed to be done thoroughly with full confidence and peace of mind.

The Australian immigration process is a minefield and your guidance and assistance has been worth every penny. If I ever need more work done, you will definitely be on my speed dial. Thank you again for everything.

Sanjeeta Mackrani

Family Visa Migrant, USA

I have found the conversation with you very useful… it is as we discussed: good quality is worth its weight in gold. Thanks again for your support…


Skilled Migrant, Cairns

Your submission to the Minister was excellent and we are trusting the right people take the time to read it and see the obvious injustice that has taken place. Thanks Justin keep doing all you are doing…


On behalf of a refugee, Iran

Thank you so much Justin… Now I know why we spend months looking for you. And why I felt finding agent is like looking for boyfriend!

J. Zhang

Chinese Grand Master Chess Champion, China

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