Greater protection for you

Migration Agents are only answerable to the Migration Agents Registration Authority and are only governed by its Code of Conduct.

A Migration Agent who is also a practicing lawyer must additionally observe the stringent requirements imposed by a separate legislative regime in respect of ethical and professional conduct and standards. Mr. Rickard is also a member of the Law Society of NSW, who strenuously regulate his behaviour as a solicitor & barrister in NSW.

Access to a wide range of services

Lawyers like Justin Rickard who are also a migration agents have the benefits of interacting with lawyers, in and out of the firm, and where the need arises, seeking in-house opinion on legal matters relating not only to immigration but also to personal and business aspects of our client’s problems.

Mr. Rickard & his worldwide network of associated lawyers and accountants can advise on property matters, setting up business structures, trusts, companies, leasing, joint ventures, Intellectual property and taxation – all those areas of law a person seeking to establish a business in a new country would normally need advice and assistance.

More control over your money

There is a regulated trust account system which protects clients’ moneys from being intermingled with a lawyer’s own accounts. This account is subject to annual audits and random inspection by Trust Account Inspectors from the Law Society.

A satisfactory audit is a requirement for the renewal of the legal practice’s registration.

Higher insurance protection

Even though Migration Agents can purchase professional indemnity insurance for about 5% of what it costs lawyers in NSW, there is currently only a minimal requirement for migration agents to have professional indemnity insurance to cover losses caused by their negligent advice.

All the clients of lawyers, such as Mr. Rickard, who is also a migration agent, are covered by his legal professional indemnity insurance (which costs him about $20,000 per annum).

Recover any lost money

By using a law firm you may recover monetary loss from a fidelity fund administered by the Law Society, the body regulating solicitors. Migration Agents do not have a fidelity fund.

Justin Rickard & Associates has a long history of helping people from all over the world migrate to Australia since 1992.

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