Australian Immigration Lawyers Special Services

  1. Advise you which is the best Visa to apply for in your unique circumstances.
  2. Advise you which supporting documents you need to give us to ensure your Visa will be granted as soon as possible.
  3. Meet with you by phone or in person to advise and counsel you through the entire migration process from the time you decide to apply for your Visa until your Visa is granted.
  4. Prepare and send (by secure courier) our unique legal submission with your Visa application to Australian Department of Immigration (DIMA) addressing all the legal requirements of the Visa sought for you with a summary of your evidence proving your eligibility for the Visa.
  5. Regularly follow up on your Visa application with DIMA (in Australia at the relevant overseas embassy) to ensure it is processed as fast as possible and that our application for you is successful.
  6. Guarantee* the success of your application (in most cases will lodge a second Visa application for you without charging you any more fees for ourselves if the first application fails – but we do not refund fees).
  7. Help you with any personal needs you may have when you settle into Australia after Visa grant i.e health insurance, accommodation, transport, schooling and anything else you need.

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