Distinguished Talent Visa

Our client was a Chinese female chess champion – a world chess grand master in fact!

She started playing chess professionally at only 12 years old and has played all over the world, rising to be # 1 in the world at several stages.

China is one of the top 3 chess playing nations, sharing the honour with India and Russia as their ranks interchange over time.

Australia’s distinguished talent visa was considered by us as the best migration strategy for this brilliant client. This visa is for people at the very top of the world in their profession or sport.

Apart from proving that chess is actually a sport, we also had to overcome the problem that our client was no longer at the top of the female chess world as she has been devoting the last few years to raising her 2 young children while she is young enough to do so.

Immigration point worth noting

As often happens, the visa applicant did not really know what to do or who to trust with Australian migration advice. She was then referred to us by a long standing friend of our business based in and around Hong Kong.

Like many Chinese visa applicants, our client had to chose between cheap low-quality unlicensed advice she could get in China or higher quality professional advice from an experienced Australian based immigration adviser. Fortunately our client trusted us with her future and that of her young family.

Her husband is a travelling Christian pastor in China and our client mainly supports the family financially with chess journalism and being an international top level chess referee.

Fortunately our client decided to do proper planning by seeking our professional advice before starting her application.

Our legal advice to the visa applicant was:

  • To make a legal submission taking into account her entire chess career including her well known recent international reputation as a chess journalist and “arbiter” (referee)
  • Specifically, we explored and explained in depth the actual pros and cons of previous distinguished talent visa successful legal cases and published migration decisions which we carefully researched and how they each related to our client’s situation – even looking at the comparable case of an international table tennis champion! This sort of in depth analysis is often not undertaken for visa applicants with unlicensed, lazy or inexperienced migration advisers.

How you can benefit from our migration law advice like our Chinese client did

In conclusion – if you are very, very good at what you do – perhaps even one of the best in the world in your specific niche – it is very important how you go about your migration process strategically and consider the distinguished talent visa.

Many advisers would have told our client not to apply for the distinguished talent visa because they would have been put off by her absence from the top chess world rankings for several years.

Many hidden migration hurdles

There are many hidden hurdles for visa applicants to jump, especially in difficult or unique cases when they do not know about relevant migration court cases. Knowing these relevant court cases and migration decisions even exist in the first place is crucial.

In short, our migration advice gained our client and her young family their Australian permanent residence and they are now living happily and permanently in Sydney, Australia.

Your chances of obtaining an Australian visa are always greatly improved when you obtain well researched and finely argued migration advice and assistance in your visa application.