Migration should not be a barrier for business expansion

Our client is an American visa applicant seeking advice about moving to Australia to establish a branch of his American employer’s international operations in Melbourne.

His American employer has already started establishing an expensive Australian based corporate legal structure with expensive legal help mainly to employ him.

Immigration point worth noting

As often happens, the visa applicant has made strategic errors already and his application will sail right into delays and trouble if he does not make immediate changes.

This happens when people begin their migration applications before they do any proper planning or get professional advice from an Australian registered migration agent or experienced immigration lawyer.

Our legal advice to the visa applicant from was:

  • To have our firm work with both his employer and himself to make immediate changes and incorporate migration planning into their corporate strategy. Incredibly, the American employer was looking at this as an “add on cost” that they had to minimise and avoid if possible.
  • For the established and already financially successful American employer in America itself to sponsor the visa applicant to move to Australia. This would be faster and more likely successful than relying on a new corporate entity in Australia, with no track record and minimal financial records, to sponsor in the new executive.
  • Specifically, we explored and explained in depth the actual pros and cons of each way of doing things. This sort of analysis is often overlooked by visa applicants when they simply don’t even know how or where to start.

How you can benefit from our migration law advice as our client did

In conclusion – if you want an Australian work visa, it is very important that you and your employer go about the migration process strategically.

There are many hidden migration hurdles to jump for both the visa applicant and the employer sponsor.

Knowing these hurdles even exist in the first place is crucial. In short, our migration advice will help vastly increase your chances of obtaining an Australian visa as a worker or as an employer of a migrant worker.