The First Golden Rule of Migration -always make your application now, not later!

Here are the 5 little known secrets on to make sure your migration is both cheaper and more likely to succeed.

As successful cartoonist Scott Adams, creator of the extremely popular Dilbert cartoon said, “Losers have goals. Winners have systems.” Unless you know these secrets, migration be very hard to complete and downright depressing without discipline, professional support and a real sense of urgency.

As there is so much to write about on this topic we have divided this article into 2 parts.

Here is Part B:

Migration Secret No. 3: Your chances of migration success increase only when you move fast and have the right mindset

If you want to migrate to Australia you need to create a new way of making it actually happen. One widely read blogger Ramit Sethi has this to say about goals:

How many of us have claimed we want to start investing, or earn more, or even start cooking for years? Do we really need another investment chart or recipe book? Or is it perhaps something else holding us back?

How many of us have an overweight parent? No matter how many health studies you give them, do they change their behaviour? NO!

The truth is, information alone won’t change your behaviour. Stop deluding yourselves. “I just need to figure it out” is a classic barrier that we use to avoid change. Until today.

We need to tackle the underlying psychological barriers we all have…These are human barriers that affect us all.”

And as lawyer David M. Ward writes on his blog:

The truth about goal setting is that it that it is what you want it to be. But whether or not you go through a formal goal setting process, it is important to know what you want.

Someone once said,

You can have anything you want, just not everything.  You have to choose. You only have so much time and energy and resources.

Have you really decided to migrate to Australia?

If you have decided to really migrate to Australia, then you really need to take action. This little bit of mental paradigm shifting will help.

As these six case histories prove, there is always very good and sound reason to migrate now, rather than later. Nothing stays the same for very long in migration or this life.

Life is change. Even more so in the world of migration where politics, money and world events collide on a daily basis to make the rules a volatile mix of bureaucracy and legality.

Migration Secret No. 4: Accept that migration is about politics and votes, not about you

In Australia, we have two main political parties – conservative and their polar opposite, socialist. Traditionally, the conservative party’s favour business migration, whilst the socialists favours looking after refugees and other minority groups.

Either way they are always driven by one big factor – the desire for votes.

Votes come from Australia’s public, who in turn are informed by the media. As we all know, the media can manipulate situations and news and therefore public sentiment. Who knows what will be their “flavour of the month” at any particular time? Your type of migration situation could be popular one day and gone, or even despised, the next.

We have been working in migration for over 22 years now. The more things change the more they stay the same. The government never really knows what it is doing, to be honest.

Yet they make the rules of the migration game you need to play.

Migration Secret No. 5: The early bird truly catches the worm

Whatever way you look at Australian migration – from a financial, psychological, goal setting, experiential or political point of view, the number 1 rule is that you must apply now and not leave it too late.

With migration, the early bird does indeed catch the worm!

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