• Clear and low cost risk free initial advice and an innovative strategy from a human being, not a computer.
  • Your initial migration assessment advice must cover “The 5 Fundamentals”:
  1. Australian legal migration options & best strategies for success ,
  2. How long your migration might take,
  3. The amount you can expect to pay in government and legal fees
  4. Whether you can bring your family, and
  5. Your realistic chances for success
  • Continual opportunities to ask questions and clarify all advice you receive from the initial assessment right through to Visa grant
  • A written contract setting out all fees and costs as well as right and responsibilities of both Migrant and Adviser
  • A written checklist pf documents you need to support the Visa application
  • Support and advice to help you get together all the support documents you need
  • Visa application lodged on time and when you need it
  • A copy of the application kept safely for your records and supplied to you whenever you need it
  • Visa application approved or an opportunity to apply again free or ¬†further professional fees