Fijian man had dire need for migration

Our client was a Fijian man who had married an Australian woman.

The couple were about to have their first child and the husband and future father’s partner visa application was being held up in the Australian embassy in Fiji, forcing him to remain stuck in Fiji.

The couple sought our urgent advice and were quite distressed as it looked like the husband and future father was not going to be at the birth of their first child in Australia.

The mother was way too pregnant to fly overseas and wanted to have her baby in a better and safer hospital than was possible in Fiji. Time was of the essence in solving this migration problem!

Immigration point worth noting

As often happens, the visa applicant has virtually no power in dealing with the immigration department. This is exacerbated when they do not know how to provide the required evidence to support their migration claims.

What may seem otherwise easy becomes difficult and complicated when stress is added by time pressures or dealing with uncaring disinterested and unmotivated bureaucrats.

Fortunately, our Australian client decided to help her husband in the best way she could do – by getting professional migration advice.

Our legal & strategic advice to the visa applicant was:

  • to open up excellent channels of communication with the Australian embassy in Fiji by focusing on a particular case officer and holding them responsible for making a fast decision on the case and giving them strong emotional motivations to approve the visa fast
  • to prove that our Australian client was actually pregnant and about to give birth with her doctor’s certificate and a copy of the ultrasound showing the baby in the womb – as they say, a picture paints a thousand words
  • to unblock the other evidentiary bottle-neck which really was just the Fijian police clearance being held up in the Fijian police dept.
  • to make a detailed legal submission taking into account the genuine aspects of the couple’s claim with concrete irrefutable evidence about the impending birth of their baby and statements from them as well as their friends and family about their deep desire to be together in Australia for the birth of their first child

How you can benefit from our migration law advice as our Fijian client did

In conclusion – due to our legal intervention, the partner visa was granted and the family was absolutely delighted to be together in Australia for the birth of their first child.

This proves once again that if you are in a genuine situation of urgent need and want an urgent visa for Australia, it is vital that you backup your claims with evidence which deals with any unresolved matters.

You must also ensure you have an excellent channel of communication with the immigration dept. officer dealing with your case and give the convincing reasons to move fast.

Your chances of obtaining an Australian visa when you want are always greatly improved when you obtain well researched and finely argued migration advice and assistance in your visa application.

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