What is stress actually?

Stress is a constraining or impelling force or an effort or demand on your physical and or mental energy.

Australian Migration Team has cited 7 migration stresses that most migrants encounter and the solutions they can put in the table:

1st Migration Stress– Migrants are unused to dealing with lawyers and are inherently distrustful of them.

Justin Rickard & Associates solution – Believe it or not lawyers are people too and you will always find good and bad; so get some references from past clients or the general community for any lawyer you are thinking of using and you will then be able to make an informed, wise and comfortable decision.

2nd Migration Stress – Migrants are not familiar with compiling documents, especially legal papers.

Justin Rickard & Associates solution – As they say, the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time! Just start at the beginning and keep going (take a break along the way if you are tired) and ask us if you have any questions or problems along the way. Always stay in touch.

3rd Migration Stress – Migrants are unprepared for the lengthy delays and costs in having their immigration application prepared properly and professionally rather than doing it on their own or with a cheap, inexperienced migration agent

Justin Rickard & Associates solution – Some of the best things in life take time to develop; for example, it takes nine months to have a baby. Moving from one country to another is a big thing too. Don’t rush it, do it properly and you will avoid the migration equivalent of a miscarriage.

4th Migration Stress – Migrants are totally confused by the whole migration process and do not understand their own visa situation or how it changes as they move towards achieving their migration goal (even though they may say or pretend that they do understand)

Justin Rickard & Associates solution – Listen very carefully to the advice we give you, take notes diligently and ask as many questions as you need to until you are 100% sure you understand.

5th Migration Stress – Some migrants are not interactive and do not ask their adviser questions but instead ask other people (friends and family) about their situation and then come to wrong conclusions based on false assumptions and incorrect information.

Justin Rickard & Associates solution – The same solution applies here as it does to the 5th Migration Stress.

6th Migration Stress – The Immigration Department (DIMA) itself, are often hard to even contact, rude, dismissive of migrants, inconsistent, openly critical of migration agents and especially lawyers and or wrong in the information they give migrants. DIMA is the government, and most people are unfortunately trained (or “brainwashed”) to believe that the Government is always right. So when a conflict occurs in what DIMA tells migrants and what they hear elsewhere, migrants often assume DIMIA is right, even if this is not the case. This also applies when other migration agents or lawyers tell a migrant that their own lawyer is wrong.

Justin Rickard & Associates solution – The same solution applies here as it does to the 5th Migration Stress.

7th Migration Stress – The migration process is totally different to what most migrants expect and this frustrates and annoys them – this leads to migrants looking for someone to blame, a “scapegoat” is located and used to dump frustrations on and or vent their anger at.

Justin Rickard & Associates solution – In ancient times a goat was allowed to escape when the Jewish chief priest had laid the sins of the people on it. Nowadays, a scapegoat is the person, not the goat, bearing blame that should fall on others. Migration is a lifestyle choice and, as with all choices, you must be responsible for the consequences. As a migrant voluntarily places themselves in a stressful situation just by migrating they should not blame others for this stress.