Lovers migration challenge

Our client was a very beautiful Malaysian former flight hostess in her late twenties.

She came to Australia on a student visa and met and fell in love with an Australian divorced man at least 20 years older than her. They started to cohabitate and wanted to stay together permanently.

The challenge was proving that their relationship was genuine

On the surface it looked as if the woman was looking for a ticket out of Malaysia to Australia with an older man and that the man was just looking for a young attractive girlfriend and nothing more.

Immigration point worth noting

As often happens, the visa applicant and her spouse did not really know what to do or who to trust with Australian migration advice.

After meeting them in Wollongong it became clear they had another big problem – they hardly had any money.

There was a silver lining to this though – it proved the young woman was not choosing the man for his money. He was no “sugar daddy”. However, we still had to prove she was not after the relationship for an Australian visa, thus making their relationship fake.

Fortunately, our client decided to do strategic preparation of her migration application by seeking our professional advice.

She did not know what visa to apply for on her own. She had done a lot of study since leaving her airline job.

Our legal advice to the visa applicant was:

  •  to follow the de-facto partner visa through
  • to make a legal submission taking into account the genuine aspects of her claim with lots of irrefutable evidence about the couple’s travels together, statements from their friends and family and their own personal statements about their deep love for each other

How you can benefit from our migration law advice as our Malaysian client did

In conclusion – if you are in a genuine, committed and loving relationship with an Australian and want to remain with them in Australia, it is vital that you backup your claims with evidence that covers all aspects of your relationship from your finances, to your letters of support from friends and family and everything in between.

Your chances of obtaining an Australian visa are always greatly improved when you obtain well researched and finely argued migration advice and assistance in your visa application.

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