Why Australian Immigration Lawyers?

Many people contact us about migration and the vast majority of them surprisingly do nothing further!

Our 20 years plus migration experience and exemplary results are second to none and our fees always negotiable, fair and reasonable.

So we can only conclude that many of these people will put migration off and are procrastinating, bargain hunting (bottom feeding) looking for the cheapest advice they can get online, is always dangerous with something as important as migration) or just attempting to do it themselves.

The danger of DIY Visa applications

For those attempting to do it themselves we wish them all the best, but do hope they will first read our article about the risks you are taking when you try to do your own visa application. 

Advantages of acting quickly

For the procrastinators please allow us to share these 7 secrets with you now in the hope they will spur you on to taking action now on your visa:

  1. Take advantage of current migration laws which can and usually do always get harder as they change over time – for example since the Skillselect laws came in on 1 July 2012 over 100,000 people have asked to be invited by the Australian government to make visa applications. Yet only about 500 (.05%) had been invited to apply by 27 August 2012, almost 2 months later (source: http://www.newsroom.immi.gov.au/releases/skillselect-first-round-offers-go-to-skilled-professionals). Clients of ours who were in the know lodged their applications for the skilled visa before the new rules came in and are now in a much better position.
  2. Avoid the stress of getting yourself and your family into a difficult migration situation or not knowing what to do with your migration – stress is often caused when you do not know how to solve a problem and feel trapped. Unless you have access to professionals like us with our many and varied information resources you can only rely on your own research and inaccurate gossip – that is hardly, the basis for making important decisions about where you will spend the rest of your life.
  3. Save money and time by not having to do migration the hard way – the costs of returning home unexpectedly or making more than one visa application can easily be double or more the costs of the original application. There is just no point risking this lost money as well as the lost opportunity to earn a better income in Australia just to save on some professional fees.
  4. Protect your family by being in Australia sooner with your visa, especially if you normally live in a dangerous country – this hardly needs explaining, but Australia is one of the safest countries in the world, ranked 21st of 158 countries on the Global Peace Indicator. As many of the countries above it are Scandinavian and freezing, this is a great ranking, unless you like being cold and in the dark most of the year! http://www.visionofhumanity.org/gpi-data/
  5. With an Australian work visa you most likely will increase your income by earning more in Australia, which has some of the highest wages in the world – most people in the world would love to earn the Australian average annual income of around $A60,000. That’s $1200 per week. As for average disposable income, Australia was recently ranked 5th behind only the USA, Ireland, Luxembourg & Switzerland (source: OECD + http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_average_wage)
  6. Access greater medical assistance, and in some cases free medical help, by coming under the protection of Australia’s Medicare system – Australia has one of the best public health programs in the world that has existed for nearly 30 years.
  7. Start planning your career future and your children’s educational future with certainty as soon as your Australian migration issues are resolved in your favour – these job and employment factors always rank very high when people are deciding where to live. If you are still working out complex migration issues and not even sure if you can get your visa you can not even start planning these matters at all, let alone make firm commitments.

Convinced? We sure hope so!

Please contact us now for your migration preparation session or to start your visa application