Kenyan father donates his kidney to his son to get him an Australian visa

You can learn from this amazing case about the passion of a Kenyan Indian family for a better and safer life in Australia.

In 2000 we presented migration seminars in Nairobi, Kenya and met some very successful Indian business families there.

The father has usually started the business and passed on his skills, knowledge and network as well as the business assets to his sons. The brothers then worked as business partners with their father and the entire structure was as close and harmonious as anything we have ever seen so far in business anywhere in the world – apart perhaps from the Chinese.

The whole family worked well together and the brothers were the very epitome of good business partners.

Entire family decide to migrate to Australia

Understandably the businesses were very successful and when they decided to migrate to Australia they all had to come not just one, especially as they were moving their businesses or assets out here as well.

In one particular case the younger brother received his business visa with our help but his older brother was refused a visa because he had a problem with his kidney. Both the Kenyan and then British medical specialists had told him the only long term solution was for a kidney transplant.

So the most amazing and heart-warming thing happened – the healthy brother came to Sydney to buy and set up a business here with his family.

Then he sponsored his parents and the father donated his kidney to the remaining son in a transplant operation, so that the son could migrate to Australia.

A worthy sacrifice

10 years after we obtained an Australian permanent residence visa for the older brother we obtained his own another permanent residence visa.

Our client wrote this to us on 16/11/2010:

We got the letter of approval from immigration yesterday… as said earlier, Justin, all credit is to you and you alone. Once again our family appreciates your support as this has been a long battle for our family to have my brother with us here. My mum and dad are on top of the world at the moment when we broke the news to them yesterday.”

Immigration points worth learning from for future visa application

First – it is wise to never give up (we have had several cases that took almost a decade for various reasons in fact!)

Second – if a medical problem presents itself look at alternative radical solution if necessary

Third – just because an application has been refused once does not mean that another option is available if done the right way

How you can benefit from our migration law advice as the visa applicant could have here

In conclusion – as you will never know all the laws and policy requirements that apply when you make a visa application you must get advice and as soon as possible.

To be frank, many people wrongly and foolishly think that a visa refusal is fatal to their future arrival in Australia. This is not always the case.

On the surface it may seem easy to accept the refusal and give up. However, just as with this case there are other options and it is vital after an initial visa refusal that:

  • You get professional migration advice
  • You keep an open mind as to other migration strategies
  • You do not give up by thinking the refusal is final or fatal to the future

Your chances of obtaining an Australian visa when you want are always better improved when you obtain well researched and finely argued migration advice and assistance in your visa application.