Apply to migrate now before it’s too late

Five international case studies on why you should migrate now:

  1. One of Justin Rickard & Associates’ English clients worked illegally (without telling us) breaching the terms of a temporary work visa which we had previously obtained for him. He was hoping to obtain enough work experience to use for a later permanent residence application. Then the immigration Department (DIMIA) changed the rules making it impossible to claim such work experience – so he had to wait about 3 years before he could obtain permanent residence another way.
  2. Another Irish client wanted to apply for migration with a sponsor in Sydney and while we were advising her to do this DIMIA changed the rules on 8 September 2004 and didn’t add her occupation to the list of occupations available to such visa applicants. If she’d used us earlier we could have easily obtained her permanent residence that way.
  3. Many of our business skills clients from Indonesia and Kenya obtained 4 year temporary business visas only because they had $A250,000 in assets and a business plan to start in Australia – DIMIA removed that visa in 2003 and it is now also necessary to have run a successful business overseas, making it much harder to obtain a visa to start up business in Australia. This proves that the rules often get harder; so you should apply now for any visa you can get before the rules make it impossible later on.
  4. A Canadian client was sponsored on a temporary work visa by her Australian employer. She was also eligible for permanent residence. Unfortunately, when she went back to Canada for a funeral she was unfairly sacked here and was stranded there trying to quickly get back on a student visa – she should have applied for permanent residence while she was here in Australia and had the chance.
  5. Several Brazilian clients have overstayed their visas by many years before coming to see us for advice. One returned to Brazil and was punished by DIMIA for his illegal behaviour in Australia . DIMIA in Brazil prevented him returning to Australia for several years even though he had married an Australian. He should have applied earlier before his reputation was ruined with DIMIA by illegally overstaying his visa.


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