Packages & Fees

Our fees for getting you an Australian Visa

Migration Info Pack

Cost: $0

  • A series of 7 separate emails packed with migration information
  • See the process for getting a visa
  • Understand different Australian visa types and strategies
  • Learn what visas you may be eligible for
  • Tips and tricks for a successful application
  • Visa cost and timeframe information

Migration Advice Plan (MAP)

Cost: $385 (AUD)

  • Up to 45 minute phone, Skype or Whats App conversation with Attorney Rickard
  • Confirming advice on your eligibility for up to 6 visas for up to 2 persons
  • Discuss legal strategy for your strongest visa application
  • Advice on government and legal fees, and other costs
  • Advice on the entire process, including skills assessments, visa applications and supporting documentary evidence
  • A full gathering of your background information
  • Strategic personally tailored migration advice and then
  • Personalized written migration assessment (emailed same day)

Migration Coaching

Cost: $3895

  • Our goal is to assist you in saving money while doing your own application
  • Receive a document that shows the best visa option for you
  • Full legal assistance answering all your questions and giving you guidance to make sure you have done the application correctly
  • Up to 1 hour per week of email or phone migration advice for up to 6 straight weeks (at $375 p/hr), 1 hour per week can accumulate for up to a maximum of 2 weeks at a time
  • Use of up to 3 of our migration application legal submission templates
  • Full credit for any MAP fees previously paid up to $269 (where applicable)

Full Service

Cost: $6295

  • Available for all visas except business or investor visas or complex cases where more time or research is required
  • Up to 15 hours of legal assistance
  • Receive a document that shows the best visa option for you
  • Full legal assistance answering all of your questions for a successful visa application
  • Written legal submission where needed with your visa application
  • We lodge your visa application online for you and follow through until it is approved
  • We offer you our unique visa guarantee – if an application is not approved we lodge another, free of professional fees
  • Attorney Rickard is personally responsible under his licenses for success of your application
  • Full credit for any MAP fees previously paid up to $395 (where applicable)

Business and Complex Visa Migration Service

Cost: Negotiable

  • For complex cases requiring the utmost privacy and discretion and or major research
  • For business and/or investor visa cases
  • Hourly rates and/or fixed fee negotiable in a fully transparent and open process
  • Discuss what is required for a successful visa application
  • Receive a document detailing the best visa option for you
  • Full legal assistance answering all of your questions for a successful visa application
  • Plus all the features of the full service as well
  • We manage the entire process, so you do as little as possible

Our philosophy of fair value for Australian visa application

1. Initial information gathering session

Justin Rickard - Advising a ClientDuring our first session, we ask the visa applicant some qualifying questions to better understand their situation and then outline if and how we can help them as a client develop their Australian migration options and strategy.

You want to get all the information you need and also get an honest professional opinion from a very experienced Australian immigration adviser, Mr. Justin Rickard, Attorney & registered migration agent #97-90625.

2. We offer a fixed and flat professional fee:

visa-application-australiaYou have peace of mind all along as our set fees & costs are fixed in a written contract agreed with you before we start work. They are paid in installments, dependent on success, and never increase within that contract.

The Australian government does an annual review of migration profession fees and publishes the results here – these are indicative low range fees but give you an indication of where fees start in our pre-contract negotiations:

As our government regulator’s website states – Agent fees vary and depend on:

  • Your visa application type.
  • The amount of time it will take to prepare your application. Some visa applications take longer to prepare than others. You can check how much your agent might charge you in the list of fees in the Agent fee data table (linked above)
  • The level of service you need.
  • If you need extra help or have complex circumstances. For example your agent might charge more if you have dependents on your application (such as children).
  • The experience and qualifications of your agent. If your agent is a lawyer or has many years of experience, their fees might be higher. If your agent’s fees seem too high, discuss this with them before signing a contract.

3. The cheapest lawyers or agents often prove to be the most expensive!

When the stakes are high (as they are always with migration) the cheapest lawyer (or agent) often proves in the long run to be the most expensive and the most dangerous because further visa applications and overseas travel may be required after an initial visa refusal.

Don’t settle for less knowledge, less experience, less skill, less service, less training, less chance of success (all migration agents who are not lawyers have less legal training and accountability than a migration lawyer) and no guarantees – carefully consider choosing Australian Immigration Lawyers if you are serious about an immigration visa.

By all means shop around for quotes but ensure you are comparing apples with apples in what you’re offered by any registered migration adviser.

4. We charge a fair fee and provide value for money

UK ClientWhilst a fee that is too low is a risk to you, on the other hand a fee that is too high should be a concern for you. What you need is a fair fee in your circumstances.

Over the years we have come across migration agents who charge as much as 3 times more than we do, yet have the same or lower success rate and/or professional experience.

We have also heard of agents who charge far less but then are gone from the scene a year later. Some have even left the country and or failed to renew their licenses.

5. Our fees are negotiable & paid on terms that suit your budget

Start your journey to a successful Australian Visa application by clicking on your most urgent option in the images below …

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Australian Immigration Lawyers took care of everything

I felt after the initial consultation that whilst as a registered and qualified immigration agent you would doubtless be able to follow the process and make the necessary submissions,  I felt you more importantly had the “street smarts” to make things work when a case was not exactly a round peg round hole scenario. This was probably the most important factor, beyond simply taking the headache and stress away from me with my already full schedule. I am pretty sure I have been proven right about this!

- Steve, China

Now I know why we spend months looking for you...

“Thank you so much Justin... Now I know why we spend months looking for you. And why I felt finding agent is like looking for boyfriend!”

- J. Zhang, Specialist Entry Visa

Your submission to the Minister was excellent

Your submission to the Minister was excellent and we are trusting the right people take the time to read it and see the obvious injustice that has taken place. Thanks Justin keep doing all you are doing...

- Diane, on behalf of an Iranian Refugee

Good quality is worth its weight in gold

I have found the conversation with you very useful.... it is as we discussed: good quality is worth its weight in gold. Thanks again for your support.

- Margaretha, Skilled Migrant

We obtained a Bridging visa in 25% of the normal time

We obtained a Bridging visa B in 25% of the normal time and for double the length the client actually wanted and 5 days ahead of his desired departure date...

- Bruno, Bridging Visa Sponsor

Done thoroughly with full confidence and peace of mind

Having a great migration agent and attorney like yourself meant I could without being physically present in the Australia get all that needed to be done thoroughly with full confidence and peace of mind.

The Australian immigration process is a mine field and your guidance and assistance has been worth every penny. If I ever need more work done, you will definitely be on my speed dial. Thank you again for everything. Cheers.

- Sanjeeta Mackrani, family migrant

We were very touched by your genuine effort and your integrity

First of all I would like to thank you for coming down all the way to meet us even though you no longer had the need to attend to your initial appointments. We were very touched by your genuine effort and your integrity in keeping your word.

I have gone through the agreement and the other documents you presented to us in the file and needless to say we are more than happy with the services you yourself and your company have presented to us. I have the utmost confidence in your expertise and the way you work.

– Randall and Chen, Spouse Visa

We always have trust in you

As from the first day you accepted to be our lawyer, we always have trust in you… Sincerely we thank you for your advice and caring... Once again thank you for your understanding and usual support.

- Kathleen K, Mauritius

Thanking you again for the clear explanation

My whole family are very respectful to you for all support financially and legally provided to us… Thanking you again for the clear explanation below, you are really a great person. God bless you always. Warm regards

- Linsay K, Mauritius

I was so amazed by your creative mind and persistence

... I was so amazed by your creative mind and persistence, we look forward to working with you.

- Amy Zhu, China

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