Migration challenge – Asian family apparently tricked into selling their home on false promise of Australian residence …

The client and his wife, 4 children and their grandmother arrived in Australia under a visitor visa subclass 600 about a month ago.

An agent of some sort (not an Australian registered migration agent) told them back in their Asian home country (the particular country is deliberately being kept anonymous for obvious reasons) that if they bought a house for around $250,000 in Adelaide, Australia they would obtain Australian permanent residence and that all of their children would then be able to study in Australia.

Visa applicant had already paid around $50,000

The client showed us receipts that he had already paid around $50,000 for that agent to arrange the visas for the family.

Agent’s behaviour aroused suspicion

After arriving in Australia, the client became suspicious of the agent’s behaviour and did not give him the $250,000 for the house as previously arranged. The agent has now disappeared apparently.

Student visas wanted

However, the client came to us still wanting his children to be able to study in Australia without having to return to their Asian home country to apply for a student visa. The reason was that he had withdrawn their school enrolments overseas and their new school year had started.

He said the children may have to wait until next year before they can study again. That also means they will be one year behind forever.

Australian registered migration agent asked our advice

The client was referred to us by another Australian registered migration agent (RMA) who often seeks our second opinion advice. That RMA also wanted guardian student visa applications for the parents. The RMA believed visitor visa holders from this country couldn’t apply for onshore (within Australia) student visas, only it could prove ”compassionate & compelling” circumstances.

Apart from being quite sceptical ourselves about the truth of the client’s own claims we were even more sceptical about whether they would get any sympathy from the Australian government for their wild and risky decision to risk all in coming to Australia in such a manner.

Student and tourist visa guidelines

When applying for student and tourist visas as a general rule the immigration department looks at the desire of the visa applicant to stay in Australia on a temporary not permanent basis.

There are many cases where students have been duped by similar “agents” (registered and unregistered, in and outside Australia) and still not obtained any sympathy from the Australian government allowing them to remain in Australia.

Apply for the correct visa in the correct way

You can see from this case study how migration most often involves simple common sense in obtaining the correct visa the correct way in the first place. In addition, seeing if the so called “agent” is actually licensed by the Australian government (check here:  www.mara.gov.au) to give advice in the first place and if their advice makes sense anyway.

Many people overlook this basic and important strategic fact simply because they do not know how the Australia’s migration system works.

Common sense should always prevail …